Reduction in paperwork…

Just imagine all those paper based documents circulating between departments, teams, units, etc. in your company. Files that are prepared in standalone applications. Unnecessary printing, sorting, traveling, etc. in different parts of the company.

This does not only waste precious time for your employees, but also causes frustration by doing unnecessary work while important work stops, and resulting in waste and loss across the whole company.

Then, imagine performing all your transactions within your company in a single digital environment, which is constantly managing and recording all your transactions and accessible to all users – anywhere at any time.

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Remove Standalone Spreadsheets Cloud Software

Remove unnecessary spreadsheets and stand-alone systems in your business…

Spreadsheets are easy to use and implement. However, as your company grows over time, the number of spreadsheets and their complexity grow significantly. Mistakes start to happen as multiple duplicate entries take place. We call this SOS – Spreadsheet Overuse Syndrome.

Instead of struggling on spreadsheets and standalone systems, you can use ZEST Cloudsuite – Cloud based ERP software – to manage and monitor all business processes from initial customer enquiry and quotation to purchasing and accounting, monitor tasks and reminders according to job roles and responsibilities and access company-wide paperwork and documents in a single software application.


Cost reduction in purchasing and supply chain management…

Purchasing and supply chain management is undoubtedly one of the most important business processes for a company as it is related to expenditure and spending money on materials, components, services, subcontracting, etc.

Every purchasing mistake / error that may occur will have a domino effect on the next step or other interdependent processes in the company.

In ZEST Cloudsuite – Cloud based ERP software – you can monitor purchase orders and requirements in real-time. You can consolidate purchase orders to further reduce costs, take remedial action without affecting the next step or other departments and oversee the purchasing processes holistically with tangible benefits to your business.

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Software As A Service - SAAS

Software As A Service – SAAS for  SME businesses…

Our Cloud software can help you overcome a variety of problems and challenges such as:

  • Multiple standalone spreadsheets that do not talk to each other
  • Outdated legacy systems that have become cumbersome and dysfunctional over the years
  • Key members of staff holding key information in their heads
  • Business transactions in disparate standalone systems
  • High levels of paperwork leading to duplication, unnecessary manual processing, errors, loss of time, etc.
  • Not being able to deliver on time in full
  • Not being able to analyse costs and performance, etc. on a real-time basis.

Cost reduction and savings in IT costs…

Implementing an ERP software solution for your company is an important strategic decision and a significant investment for your company and comes with associated costs.

Your investment in a Cloud based ERP software can save you money by avoiding other unnecessary or repetitive expenditures – such as spending money for separate and disjointed IT technologies and software applications.

ZEST Cloudsuite is a Cloud based ERP system that does not need a server on your site and you can get on board with monthly subscriptions, which is another bonus.

Reduction and savings in IT costs
Customer Satisfaction & Growth ERP Software

Increased growth potential for your business…

In addition to increasing the productivity, efficiency and performance of your company, implementing an ERP system according to your company’s needs can facilitate the growth of your company.

It will help your company and colleagues utilise their time, resources and skills better and focus on more value adding tasks and objectives rather than administration and paperwork.

A future proof and scalable ERP software will put you ahead of your competitors and increase your reputation in the market.


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