Cloud ERP Software for engineering and manufacturing

Cloud based MRP / ERP software for small to medium sized engineering and manufacturing companies…

ZEST Cloudsuite is built on best practice. The software is agile, simple and intuitive, which makes it an ideal MRP / ERP software for small to medium sized engineering and manufacturing companies.

Enquiry to invoicing functionality comes standard with the software suite – giving you total visibility of your business at your fingertips and enabling you to effectively control all aspects of your business activity while simultaneously and effectively managing profitability.


Manage your sales cycle with full CRM functionality…

ZEST Cloudsuite comes with full CRM features and functionality. You can manage all your leads, contacts and customers, log your enquiries / opportunities and produce quotations quickly and effortlessly. You can monitor all your sales activity and sales pipeline.

You can convert an existing quotation into a sales order without delay. Alternatively, a new sales order can be produced with a single click and updated according to the customer requirements. Proforma or standard invoices can be created instantly from a sales order.

ZEST Cloud ERP Software Sales Pipeline
ZEST Cloud ERP Software Parts BOMs

Your parts / products / items and Bill of Materials (BOMs) are at your finger tips…

ZEST Cloudsuite allows you to quickly and easily create, edit and copy a part / product / item with a bill of materials (BOM) for a manufactured product or assembly structure.

BOM structure can include a list of raw materials, sub-assemblies, purchased parts needed to manufacture a product with its associated route, suppliers / vendors, quantities, costs, etc. BOMs can be single level or multi level depending on the type of product and assembly being manufactured.


Manage and monitor your suppliers, inventory and logistics effectively…

You can create RFQs (Request for Quotations) manually or automatically for your suppliers based on ‘Just In Time’ or replenishment rules. Purchase orders, incoming deliveries / shipments and inventory are all tied together, taking the guesswork out of your material requirements and purchase order processing.

Manufacturing requirements, stock levels, work orders and deliveries are all linked and synchronised driven by sales orders and replenishment rules. You can manage jobs and operations dynamically on individual dashboards, which provide real time progress and visibility.

Cloud ERP Software for engineering and manufacturing 3

Plan your manufacturing routes and control your shop floor in real-time…

Routes can be created and edited for manufacturing / work orders. If needed, physical copies of routes can be printed off or your employees can simply log on and log off jobs via their own screens on the shop floor. The system allows you to monitor real time progress, capture actual man hours and costs and keep an eye on current activity and entire job history.

You can monitor and control all your work-centres, whether they are machines or human resources and create real-time reports you need from work orders to almost any summary and analysis you can think of.


Monitor and process your deliveries, stock transfers and goods receipts in real-time…

As part of your goods receipt process, you can manage purchase orders and incoming shipments, set up alerts and reminders and immediately identify purchase orders and shipments that go beyond their expected date.

At the click of a button on your user dashboard, you can receive raw materials, purchased products or services from suppliers / vendors to your business.

On-time delivery shipment warehousing raw materials
ZEST Cloud ERP Software Warehousing Receipts Deliveries

Manage your stock / inventory transactions effectively…

For quality control and cash flow purposes, you can manage your stock / inventory in real-time so that you can avoid problems of having too much or too little stock.

With ZEST Cloudsuite, you constantly monitor your stock items received from your vendors versus ordered quantities and accept goods into stock if all complete and in good shape. If there is a quantity or quality issue, you can split lines, return all lines or line items back to your vendor.

On the same screen, users can create packing slips, delivery notes and purchase invoices / vendor bills in order to complete your accounting cycle.


Built-in MRP for real-time manufacturing planning and scheduling…

With its built-in MRP engine, ZEST Cloudsuite allows you to manage manufacturing and work orders dynamically, set up alerts and reminders and immediately identify manufacturing orders and shop floor operations that go beyond their expected date.

At the click of a button on your user dashboard, you can change dates, issue raw materials, book time, receive and complete finished stock items into stock locations in your warehouse.

ZEST Cloudsuite has built-in traceability feature, giving engineering and manufacturing companies the ability to track every part / product throughout the manufacturing processes.

ZEST Cloud ERP MRP Software
Manufacturing Traceability

Full traceability, accountability and visibility…

Engineering and manufacturing companies need to adhere to strict terms and conditions, regulations, industry code of practice, etc. which makes traceability a high priority. Also, traceability can help improve quality standards, efficiency and reputation by giving real-time visibility and necessary information.

Traceability can be applied in various modes such as automatic, lot / batch or serial number.

The system allows users to monitor each route step or operation, capture time against each step, track and trace raw materials, purchased products, sub-assemblies and finished products. This starts from the initial purchase order and when purchased items enter the factory to the moment continue to when final products are produced and delivered to the customers.


Integrated, just-in-time and efficient purchasing…

ZEST Cloudsuite monitors stock levels, re-ordering rules and manufacturing orders on a just-in-time basis and automatically creates a draft ‘Request for Quotation’ (RFQ) for an item or list of items based on your replenishment or job specific requirements.

An RFQ (Request for Quotation) can easily be converted to a Purchase Order, which can then be sent to a vendor / supplier via email or shared via Web portal.

At the point of confirming a purchase order, the system creates an incoming shipment for products or services from the vendor / supplier. With a single click, a supplier invoice / vendor bill can also be created for the incoming shipment.

Cloud ERP Software Purchasing
Cloud ERP Software Customer Order Delivery

Outbound customer deliveries…

ZEST Cloudsuite streamlines and integrates outbound deliveries and helps you fulfill deliver your orders in a timely and seamless manner. When a sales order is processed, it is automatically linked to a delivery and to a work order for manufactured items.

The system visually represents all manufacturing and delivery orders to the shop floor and inventory teams respectively to manufacture, inspect, pack, and ship orders that come through the system.

The system also gives users the features and ability to generate and print product labels, delivery notes / slips and other relevant documentation if required. Once the delivery is processed and order fulfilled, users can create a sales invoice as part of the financial cycle.


ERP software with integrated invoicing and accounting…

ZEST Cloudsuite includes a core accounting module and offers core financial accounting functions in one application. Core functions and features include accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledgers, journal entries, multi-currency, time sheet management, expenses, etc.

Having your enquiry to invoice processes in ZEST Cloudsuite will help you replace disjointed and unnecessary systems and eliminate the need for separate systems or records for sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, invoicing, etc.

If you are using accounting software and applications such as Sage, Quickbooks, Xero, etc. you can keep them in place and make the most of your investment.

Cloud ERP Software Accounting Invoicing

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