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Zeynel from ZEST I/O was a coach and a mentor and became a very big cog in implementing our new CRM, MRP and ERP system.

I could not recommend ZEST I/O enough and they would help any company implement the IT solution to any problem with zest and best practice approach with interactive workshops and implementation strategies.

Digital Transformation is driven by a shared vision for continuous improvement in business processes and how a company operates!

Implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software as ‘Information Technology’ is an enabler for ‘Digital Transformation’ but majority of it about management, people and change!

Whether your company operates in engineering, manufacturing, projects or distribution, the fundamentals are exactly the same.

ZEST I/O is at the service of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) on their ERP journey.

ZEST I-O ERP MRP CRM Software Digitally Integrated Enterprise

Getting ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation right for Digital Transformation…

Please click and watch our video demonstrating how we facilitated and enabled ‘Digital Transformation for our client Mellish Engineering Services through ERP.

The project delivered benefits such as business efficiencies, better visibility across the business, faster and streamlined decision making, removal of unnecessary process steps and cost savings.


Starting with a blank canvas before ERP…

As part of your ERP implementation, you may need to review, analyse and re-think your current business processes and IT applications you have in place.

Starting with a blank canvas might be in the best interest of your company and your colleagues. This approach will give you the opportunity to look at your business processes and how you do things currently with a new perspective.

Making small improvements on what is already in place and automating and streamlining existing inefficient processes might be quicker and feasible option.

Or, it might be a better business decision to completely re-invent your business processes by implementing ERP software built on latest technologies and industry best practice.

ZEST I/O Options Choices Blank Canvas
ZEST I/O Consensus Workshop Strategic Tactical Review Workshop Shared Vision

Build consensus and develop a shared vision for ERP…

Small to medium sized companies naturally need and seek support during their ERP implementation journey due to capability and capacity gaps in their companies.

Our ERP implementation services are tailored for each customer – offering support, advice and guidance in order to make ‘Digital Transformation’ journey smoother.

Our team can help you build a consensus and develop a shared vision, mission, KPIs, etc. – specific and meaningful to your SME business.

We will work with you and your team to assess where you are, identify the key challenges across your whole operation and confirm your ERP software and improvement needs.


Successful ERP implementation requires people and process oriented engagement…

We offer the following services to set a course and put in place a road map for your ERP implementation:

  • Strategic review workshops with management team and stakeholders
  • Operational review workshops with tactical and operational teams
  • Process review workshops to capture current state and develop future state
  • Gathering of functional requirements for an integrated software application
  • Project management for ERP implementation.

Facilitating and accelerating digital transformation through ERP!

ZEST I/O People and process oriented engagement workshop
ZEST I/O Better and More Efficient Business Processes

ERP for better and more efficient business processes…

We recognise that our customers are extremely busy – day in day out. So, opportunities for continuous improvement and reviewing their business before ERP implementation may become lesser priorities.

As a result, managing, coordinating and executing business processes could end up being inefficient, cumbersome or overwhelming.

Our ERP implementation services are there to help you review, accelerate and facilitate process improvement and implementation, while you focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, profitability, on-time delivery, employee training and development.


Continuous improvement is an iterative process… So is ERP implementation…

Continuous improvement is a journey in the “pursuit of excellence”! ERP implementation is no different. So, you should continuously:

  • Listen to the ‘voice of the customer’ and their constantly changing needs and requirements
  • Focus on total quality across the whole business and embrace ‘Lean Management Philosophy’.
  • Review and improve your products, services and processes
  • Continue to provide high quality, cost effective products and services to your customers on time every time.

We can help you review your business processes and confirm your priorities as part of your ERP and digital transformation journey!

ZEST I/O Process Review Workshop Continuous Improvement Journey
People and Process Centric Workshop before Digital Transformation

ERP Implementation Services for Digital Transformation…

SME businesses may need guidance, advice and support during their ERP implementation as part of their digital transformation journey due to skills and knowledge gap, resources not being available, cultural issues, etc.

Complementary to our own ERP Software solutions, we also provide associated consultancy services and solutions to SME businesses in areas such as process improvement, organisational development and change related to ERP software deployment.

Our goal from the beginning is developing a mutually beneficial relationship and ‘doing right things and doing things right’ for our customers.


Create a roadmap for your digital transformation journey…

Companies that are struggling on standalone and disparate systems need to embrace and implement ERP software according to their requirements and challenges. ERP software can be a catalyst for change and digital transformation in your business.

Otherwise, improvement gap will be much greater over time.

Our team can help you clarify and confirm priority areas for your business by reviewing your business processes and set goals and objectives, which all become mission critical components for your ERP implementation project and digital transformation journey ahead.

Ultimately, we can provide an ideal fit and tailored ERP solution to our customers as part of their digital transformation journey.

ZEST I/O Digital Transformation Road Map Remove Paperwork Digitise Improve Streamline

What Our Clients Say

Mellish Engineering Logo

I would highly recommend ZEST I/O if you’re looking to take your business to the next level. Their approach focuses on digital transformation, business process improvements & increasing overall productivity. Zeynel from ZEST I/O assisted us with ERP implementation and I found his people orientated style very flexible & helpful. His personality & sense of humour kept the attention of the groups whilst remaining the ultimate professional.

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