ZEST I/O is a member of The North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA)

ZEST I/O North East Automotive Alliance

The NEAA is supporting the North East Automotive Supply Chain with a vision is for the North East to be recognised as a true automotive powerhouse.

As the UK’s largest automotive sector, with over 270 members, the NEAA provides an unparalleled collaborative network where companies find benefit from leadership and co-ordination of activities of mutual benefit.

Through the cluster, companies take a collaborative approach to improving the region’s global competitiveness. The NEAA is a perfect platform for member to member engagement and connecting the supply chain to business opportunities, as well as working together to solve skills issues and promote business competitiveness initiatives.

There are several focused working groups covering five thematic areas that drive collaboration and best practice across the region:

– Business Resilience

– Skills, Trade & Investment

– Network & Connectivity

– Innovation & Technology

Zeynel Badak, MD of ZEST I/O said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be a member of NEAA and offer continued support to its members and wider business network. Our enterprise software applications and consultancy services deliver efficiency and productivity benefits in manufacturing businesses and across the whole supply chain. Current pandemic has shown that collaboration is ever so important for companies especially SMEs.”

Paul Butler, CEO of NEAA said:

“We are delighted to have ZEST/IO as a member of the NEAA. As a membership organisation supporting companies in the automotive supply chain we recognise that this can include companies of all sizes and capabilities. ZEST I/O brings a fresh outlook to the supply chain. They specialise in cloud-based system implementation across manufacturing which is very relevant to the automotive sector, especially as we embrace digital transformation as part of today’s new norm.”

If you are not a member already, we highly recommend and encourage becoming a member. There are numerous benefits to be gained for companies from all sectors looking to work with other companies for mutual benefit.

More information on NEAA is available at: https://www.northeastautomotivealliance.com