Modular Cloud software for your business – Select and implement modules as you go…

ZEST Cloudsuite is a modular business software that runs in the Cloud. Functionality such as email integration, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, invoicing, customer support, document management, etc. come standard with the software suite.

Our customers can select and implement only the software modules they need from ZEST Cloudsuite and pay monthly for what they implement. Start with CRM module for managing your leads, opportunities and quotations, add purchasing, inventory, projects or any other modules and scale up as you go!

If you wish to take advantage of add-on modules at later stage, you can add these on to your system seamlessly without any back end integration problems.

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Subscription based cloud software for small business

Subscription based pricing – making your software investment flexible and affordable…

ZEST Cloudsuite has been designed from ground up according to the needs and expectations of the Internet age. All you need is an Internet browser. You can access the system using computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and manage all transactions within your company easily wherever you are.

We operate a subscription model for our customers and their users. So, you can access all the modules you subscribed for – as long as you are up to date with your monthly payments. All we require is setting up a direct debit for your subscription so that your business is not disrupted should you miss any monthly payments.

We ensure low and affordable upfront costs for your business. You only need to budget and pay for the initial on-boarding and implementation services followed by monthly subscription bills.


Spread your software investment costs with quick return on investment (ROI)…

Traditional on-premise ERP / MRP software solutions cost significantly more upfront and consume considerable time and effort during their implementation.

ZEST Cloudsuite offers you all software applications and modules your company needs in the Cloud, from CRM to accounting. In return for smaller payments, it offers you a more cost effective and scalable solution.

Instead of using multiple standalone systems and applications for activity and progress tracking in different departments, you can bring together all your teams and streamline your business processes, follow simple and structured process flows in our software and communicate to all your teams at the same time within an integrated system.

With ZEST Cloudsuite, it is not possible to forget what you have to do or miss your actions.

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Integrated cloud software for multiple departments

End to end and integrated Cloud software – Work together, effectively and seamlessly between your departments…

Where is that important customer email? Did you receive any documents, drawings, files, etc. with that email?

Which enquiry / opportunity do you need to prioritise and follow up?

Do you need help from another colleague on this quotation?

What about other business transactions for this customer? Can you see all previous sales orders, manufacturing orders, sales invoices, etc. in one screen?

When did you receive the last sales order for this customer? What price did you charge them before?

What do you need to purchase today and from which suppliers? What was the last purchase price for this material or component?

Stop thinking about these questions. Let ZEST Cloudsuite help you find them all and deliver them to you when you need with just few clicks.


Designed and built for SMEs – ZEST Cloudsuite will grow as you grow…

ZEST Cloudsuite also offers a flexible architecture for developing and deploying bespoke modules – making it a future proof and scalable software solution and ‘value for money’ investment for our customers.

In the fast moving ‘digital age’ that we are in,  closer, faster and accurate communications with the customers and providing a responsive customer service with the right information and feedback are mission critical components of creating value for the customer and achieving customer satisfaction.

We feel confident that ZEST Cloudsuite is an ideal cloud based business software that can help you deliver what you promise to your customers and what your customers expect, on-time every time!

Cloud software for small business growth

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