Hello and welcome to ZEST I/O – home of Cloud Software and Digital Transformation!

I am Zeynel, founder of our company.

Family comes first! I am happily married and father of a handful boy and two chirpy girls. We love spending time, enjoying life and building great memories together.

I am ever so grateful to my beloved wife and some special people for their support, advice and guidance during the exploration and preparation for setting up ZEST I/O – providing Cloud software for SMEs.

I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. Over the past 20 years, my career path took me to projects and positions in consultancy services, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects – all leading to process improvement and digital transformation.

Please have a look at my LinkedIn profile for further information on my background.

Zeynel Badak - Providing Cloud Software Digital Transformation
Passion for digital transformation journey

Our passion and values

Trust, integrity and laser focus on our customers, their problems and requirements!

ZEST for our customers, ZEST for Cloud software, ZEST for digital transformation!

All driven by our passion, innovation and our customer’s quest for productivity!

Why the word ‘ZEST’ in the company’s name?

When I was brainstorming a name for the business, I was writing different words and business expressions on a flip-chart and naturally it appeared: ‘Zeynel’s Enterprise for Software and Transformation’.

Also, the word ZEST in English means great enthusiasm and energy, which represent my personality well.

ZEST I/O Facilitating and enabling digital trasformation journey
Understand process to improve process

How about I/O?

Well, the simplest model of a business system consists of three basic elements; namely inputs, processes and outputs.

These three elements are concerned with all aspects of business and operations management, whether you offer a service or manufacturing products.

So, there goes ZEST I/O!

Why did I set-up my own business?

The urge to share what one knows and learns is etched into the DNA of all human beings. Then, we naturally desire to transfer the knowledge and learning into products and services, which ultimately help people and improve their lives.

Passion and genuine desire to help people is what drives me – coupled with the need for self-fulfillment as illustrated at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid.

Best business conversation is over a coffee
Cloud software solutions and services

What does ZEST I/O offer?

ZEST I/O provides:

– Cloud based ERP, MRP, CRM software and beyond – as software constantly develops and evolves!

– People, process and improvement oriented consultancy services – complementary to our software solutions.

My passion drives me to help our customers become more efficient and operate better companies. Contributing to the business community with benefits and improvements is also a great motivation.

I sincerely wish that SMEs, which are the backbone of our economy, maximise their potentials and benefit from our Cloud software solutions and consultancy services as part of their ‘IT enabled digital transformation’.

Give Your Business Zest