Hello and welcome to ZEST I/O!

I am Zeynel Badak, founder of ZEST I/O. Welcome and thanks for visiting getzest.co.uk

ZEST I/O is a software and consultancy business firmly based around family values. With a Turkish background, I am a happy husband and proud father to an inquisitive son and two chirpy girls, enjoying life and building great memories together.

My lovely wife, special friends and family have been so very supportive of me building the business, and I am forever grateful for their support, advice, and guidance.

My background lies in Mechanical Engineering, with over 20 years in the industry. My career path allowed me to work on projects and positions in consultancy services and software projects – all leading to process improvement and digital transformation.

For further information on my experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

ZEST I-O @ NEAA Automotive Expo 2021

Agile software solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Please click and watch our video…

We provide a variety of software solutions and consultancy services that enable your business to succeed in the most efficient way. These include:

  • Initial consultation to assess your current business processes and any challenges the business is currently facing
  • Reporting and recommendations on process review workshops, exercises and outputs
  • Cloud based ERP, MRP, CRM software and beyond – as software constantly develops and evolves!
  • People, process, and improvement-oriented consultancy services that are complementary to our software solutions.

SMEs are the backbone of our economy. So, it is essential to maximise your potential and explore ways to ensure your business can tackle any challenge.

We are happy to assist, utilising our Cloud software solutions and consultancy services as part of your ‘IT enabled digital transformation’.


Our passion and values…

We are passionate about helping businesses work smarter, be leaner and operate more efficiently.

It’s part of our mission to contribute to the business community, advising of best practice, benefits and improvements to their current business model and introducing new or more efficient software solutions and systems where necessary.

Trust, integrity and laser focus on our customers are fundamental to our company ethos. We provide agile and tailored software solutions to any challenges our clients might face and we deliver the requirements needed to ensure longevity, throughout their digital transformation.

We are driven by our passion, innovation, and our customer’s quest for productivity!

ZEST I-O Passion and values
ZEST I-O for Digital Transformation 2

Why the word ‘ZEST’ in the company’s name?

When brainstorming a name for the business, I wrote a variety of words and business expressions on a flipchart.

Naturally, the business name appeared: ‘Zeynel’s Enterprise for Software and Transformation’ = ZEST.

The word ZEST (in English) also refers to great enthusiasm and energy, which represents my personality, and the company’s values very well.

ZEST for life, ZEST for business, ZEST for Cloud software and ZEST for digital transformation.

And most importantly, ZEST for helping our clients achieve success!


How about I/O?

Well, at ZEST I/O we like keeping things simple for our customers!

The simplest model of a business system consists of three basic elements.

These are namely: Inputs, Outputs and Processes in the middle.

These three elements are concerned with all aspects of business and operations management, whether you offer a service, manage a project, deliver goods or manufacture products.

So, there goes ZEST I/O!

ZEST I-O Business processes inputs outputs
ZEST I-O Providing Software As A Solution

Providing ‘Software As A Solution’ for our customers…

The urge to share what one knows and learns is etched into the DNA of all human beings.

Then, we naturally desire to transfer the knowledge and learning into products and services, which ultimately help people and improve their lives.

Passion and genuine desire to help people is what drives me – coupled with the need for self-fulfilment as illustrated at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid.

At ZEST I/O, we live and breathe Software Solutions for SMEs. And we are here to help you increase productivity, reduce costs and expand your business.


Give Your Business Zest