Modular, agile and responsive business software for project and service companies…

ZEST Cloud software is a comprehensive, agile and configurable business software suite that manages your operational processes end-to-end.

Our software ideal for small to medium sized project and service companies.

Modules include contact management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sales, purchasing, inventory, projects, time-sheets, expenses, accounting, maintenance and more.

Please get in touch to discuss how ZEST I/O can help you streamline and improve your business processes.

ZEST I-O Streamlined Projects & Service Operations

Are you a project or service company? Watch our video which explains how you can manage your projects and service delivery end-to-end with ZEST Cloud software…

Delivering projects on-time, in-scope and in-budget is mission critical for project and service companies.

Also, managing multiple concurrent projects and coordinating multi-functional teams whilst ensuring excellent customer service can be a constant challenge.

ZEST Cloud software have all the modules your business needs to manage and deliver your projects from start to finish.

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Cloud based business software for project and service companies…

Are you in the market for business software? Have you have identified your software requirements and priorities?

You just need to select and implement modules from ZEST Cloud software – ideal for project and service companies.

ZEST Cloud software is truly modular and comes with modules such as contacts, customer relationship management, sales, projects, tasks, time-sheets, purchasing, project accounting, invoices, etc.

If you have any bespoke software requirements, we will be pleased to discuss them in detail and develop, enhance and tailor our software accordingly.

Project Service Site Management
ZEST Cloudsuite CRM Projects Inventory Accounting Software

Cloud based business software that helps you see your business at 360 degrees…

Built on latest Web technologies, ZEST Cloud software is modular, agile, simple and tailorable.

Modules include contacts, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), email marketing, contacts management, sales management, inventory, purchasing, project management, time-sheets, expenses, maintenance, repairs, accounting and more.

With all the integrated modules, ZEST Cloud software gives you a 360 degrees view of your business.

If you have any bespoke software requirements, we will be pleased to discuss them in detail and develop, enhance and tailor our software accordingly.


A single system, a single database, a single version of the truth – in the Cloud!

When it comes to business management software, needs and requirements of a small to medium sized company differ from those of a large company.

Our goal is to provide modular, agile, simple and tailorable Cloud software for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) who deliver projects or provide professional services.

ZEST Cloud software has been developed and adapted to the needs of our SME customers in order to increase their productivity and maximise their potential – ultimately making our customers more competitive and successful.

ZEST I-O ERP MRP CRM Software Engineering Manufacturing Project SMEs
Cloud Software Lead Opportunity Management CRM Sales

Manage your leads, opportunities and communications in a connected way…

ZEST Cloud software is truly integrated and modular – helping  you manage your leads, opportunities, interactions and communications in an inter-connected way.

You can create a lead, convert it to an opportunity and update it with just few clicks. There is a structured quotation process with user definable opportunity stages.

Once a sales quotation is ready, you can easily and quickly convert it to a PDF file and send to your prospect or customer via an email from the system.

Quotations can also published to a Web-portal, which can be accessed by your prospect or customer for feedback and approval.


Manage your customers, suppliers and contacts in one place…

Time is extremely precious for project and service companies! You may have hundreds and thousands of business contacts, customers, suppliers, their contact details, etc in your business.

In addition, you need to manage and track services and products these companies and people are interested in and what products and services they purchased from you or what you purchased from them in the past.

ZEST Cloud software suite is integrated – keeping all your information in one place and easily accessible. You can access the software on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. All you need is Internet connection!

Cloud Software Contact Management CRM Sales
ZEST I-O Software for SMEs - Flexible Agile Scalable Architecture

Flexible and scalable architecture – giving you a future proof software platform…

Software technologies constantly develop and evolve – pace of change is mind boggling.

ZEST Cloud software is modern, easy to use and has a flexible Web based architecture.

This means that we can develop and deploy bespoke modules, tailor and extend its functionality according to your evolving needs – making it a ‘future proof solution and investment’ for our customers.

In the digital age that we are in, we feel confident that ZEST Cloud software is an ideal and fit for purpose software solution for small to medium sized companies!


Seamless sales and financial management in a single business software

Your leads, opportunities, quotations, sales orders and invoices are all interlinked and integrated in ZEST Cloud software as part of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and sales processes.

Once you get the approval and go ahead from your customer or after making the necessary changes required by your customer during your negotiation, you can convert your sales quotation to a sales order with a single click.

You can create a sales order acknowledgement, proforma invoice, sales invoice for initial payment, etc. as part of the sales order processing and email these directly to your customer from the system.

Cloud Software Sales Pipeline Conversion
ZEST I-O Project Management Module

Interconnected project management – in one software platform…

Are you a project oriented company? Do you need a project management system to help you manage and deliver multiple projects on-time, in budget and in scope?

ZEST Cloud software offers integrated project management to manage multiple projects efficiently and easily in a single software platform.

Project managers and team members can access their own projects, phases, documents and tasks according to their user access rights. You can collaborate and manage your people in real-time.

ZEST Cloud software will help you reduce risks by improving governance and compliance, identify failing aspects and ensure timely delivery.


Capture time-sheets from your employees quickly and easily…

ZEST Cloud software allows your employees to record the time spent on their projects and project tasks. As the software runs on a Web browser, it enables easy access for project teams and better tracking of employees working at multiple sites and locations.

Users can enter time spent on their tasks and projects via their laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

The system automatically records all time-sheets performed on a task or project, which can be used to generate time based customer invoices.

The system calculates and visually represents the cumulative and total effort spent on projects or tasks.

ZEST I-O Employee Timesheet Module
Cloud Software Templates Documents Repository

Standardise your business documents and templates

We can create standard business document templates for your sales quotations, sales invoices, RFQs, purchase orders, proforma invoices, etc. in ZEST Cloud software. These templates can easily be shared with other users.

Your business documents will be produced in a more professional looking format and have a unique reference number that is visible in all your documents.

All your business transactions and related documents are linked and stored in a single repository instead of stand-alone and disjointed systems or folders. This allows you to have a consolidated information, which can be accessed easily.


Integrated supplier management and purchasing for your business…

You can manage all your suppliers / vendors and your purchasing activities in ZEST Cloud software. Whether you buy products or services, you can easily and quickly create an RFQ (Request for Quotation) for a single purchased item or multiple items.

Once you have the confirmation from your vendor / supplier, you can convert an RFQ to a Purchase Order in the software, which can then be sent to your  vendor / supplier via email or shared via Web portal.

At the point of confirming a purchase order, the software creates an incoming shipment for products or services from the vendor / supplier. With a single click, a supplier invoice / vendor bill can also be created for the incoming shipment.

Cloud ERP Software Purchasing
Cloud ERP Software Accounting Invoicing

Integrated invoicing and accounting for your business…

ZEST Cloud software includes integrated accounting module and functionality. Core functions and features include accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledgers, journal entries, multi-currency, time sheet management, expenses, financial KPIs, reports, etc.

If you are using accounting software and applications such as Sage, Quickbooks, Xero, etc. you can keep them in place and make the most of your investment.

However, having your enquiry to invoice processes in ZEST Cloud software will reduce your ongoing costs and help you replace other disjointed and unnecessary systems in your business.


Remove unnecessary and disconnected spreadsheets…

Spreadsheets are easy to use and implement. However, as your company grows over time, number of spreadsheets and their complexity grow significantly. Mistakes start to happen and file sizes get bigger. We call this ‘SOS – Spreadsheet Overuse Syndrome’.

Instead of struggling on spreadsheets, you can use ZEST Cloud software to manage and monitor all business processes from initial customer enquiry and quotation to purchasing and accounting in a single software application.

You can easily manage customer and supplier transactions, monitor tasks and reminders and access company-wide paperwork and documents electronically in ZEST Cloud software.

Remove Standalone Spreadsheets Cloud Software
ZEST I-O ERP MRP CRM Software Engineering Manufacturing Project SMEs Digitise Automate Streamline Business Processes

Digitise, automate and streamline your business processes with ZEST Cloud software…

You can digitise, automate and streamline your business processes with ZEST Cloud software and move away from paper based systems and standalone software applications.

With its user simple and friendly functionality, you can keep a track of all your internal and external business transactions.

The system visually represents and reminds you of everything you need to manage, monitor and follow up on your projects and service delivery.

ZEST Cloud software gives you all the modules and functionality in order to keep you, your colleagues and your company on track.


Giving you total visibility and control of your business…

Your ‘end to end business processes’ are visible and under your control in ZEST Cloud software. Our software comes with dynamic user dashboards, personalised alerts and reminders.

You can monitor how much time is spent on projects and tasks, sales order status, project progress, expenditure and produce dynamic analysis reports based on real-time data.

Automatic and periodic reports can be created and emailed from the system.

ZEST Cloud software is your personal assistant in a single digital platform!

ZEST I-O Gives You Total Visibility Control Cloud Software Dashboard
Customer Journey CRM Sales Management

Manage your customer’s journey – better, easier, faster…

Customers are demanding better, faster and cheaper products and services. ‘Delivering on time every time’ accompanied exceptional customer service is mission critical.

ZEST Cloud software helps you manage your customer journey by connecting your business processes from CRM to invoicing and facilitating better, easier and faster communication with customers and suppliers.

In this day and age, providing a responsive and proactive customer relationship management with the right software application and up-to-date information are mission critical components of creating value and achieving customer satisfaction.


What Our Clients Say

Abfad Logo

Abfad Limited are working together with ZEST I/O Limited to develop a tailored Cloud based software for managing projects and licensing of patented technology to companies overseas.

Abfad are excited to be working with ZEST I/O due to their experience in this field and believe once this Cloud based software is complete, it will propel Abfad to a new level of operation, reduce our carbon footprint and be a leader within our industry.

Chris Haritou, Abfad Limited

What Our Clients Say

North East Automotive Alliance

ZEST I/O brings a fresh outlook to the concept of digital transformation and Cloud based software for SMEs. Their cloud-based solution is end-to-end, truly modular and tailorable.

We wanted to adopt and embrace ZEST Cloudsuite as part of own digital transformation journey and continuous improvement of our operations.

Fundamentally the ZEST Cloudsuite will remove some of the administrative, manual tasks associated with our current operation allowing more time for the NEAA team to deliver value add services to the membership – it’s great that ZEST I/O are also a member!!

Give Your Business Zest