ZEST Cloudsuite offers superior functionality and usability with a modular approach…

With increasing customer expectations, competition and uncertainties, small and medium sized businesses have a hard time managing and developing their business in this day and age.

They face too many software choices, which makes it difficult to know which one is the best for them. Some cost way more than they are worth and most of them simply aren’t built with the small businesses in mind.

ZEST Cloudsuite is a cloud-based software solution that provides you with everything you need to manage your business.

It offers superior functionality and usability, with a modular approach that allows us to tailor it to fit your business needs perfectly.

ZEST I-O Streamlined Projects & Service Operations

Watch our customer testimonial video – courtesy of Abfad Limited

With ZEST Cloudsuite, project worksheets are completed daily and in real-time by project supervisors and operators working on various sites across the country.

Managers make more effort to fill in their daily reports rather than leaving them to catch up on when they return from site, which is not operating to company procedures.

ZEST Cloudsuite acts as a compelling force to make the checks and complete the documents, which conform to company processes and procedures.

Abfad Limited are now more streamlined in their daily operations and in turn they are up-skilling our workforce and management in new information technology.


Work anywhere on any device with ZEST Cloudsuite…

You can work anywhere, anytime on any device with access to ZEST Cloud software.

Maintain your customer records, update your projects, check stock levels, raise purchase orders, enter your time-sheets and more.

With our browser-based Cloud software, you can automate business tasks and work in real-time.

Cloud-based business management software that puts you in control.

ZEST I-O Cloud Software Helps You Work Anywhere On Any Device
ZEST I-O ERP MRP CRM Software Engineering Manufacturing Project SMEs

ZEST Cloudsuite is simple, intuitive, modern and easy to use…

Business software is often far too complex. It’s hard to understand, hard to use and hard to navigate.

ZEST Cloudsuite has been built from the ground up to be simple, intuitive and easy to use.

It is designed for small to medium sized businesses that need something ‘just works’ without all the fuss.

With ZEST Cloudsuite, your business can run smoothly while you focus on what matters.


Flexible and scalable architecture – giving you a future proof software platform…

Information Technology constantly evolves and develops and we do our best to keep up with it!

ZEST Cloudsuite is modular, agile and scalable with a modern and flexible Web based architecture incorporating ERP – MRP – CRM software functionality.

We can develop and deploy bespoke modules, tailor and extend its functionality according to your evolving needs – making it a ‘future proof solution and investment’.

In the digital age that we are in, we feel confident that ZEST Cloudsuite is the ideal ‘Cloud based software solution’ for SMEs!

ZEST I-O Software for SMEs - Flexible Agile Scalable Architecture
ZEST Cloud Software for Small Engineering Manufacturing Service Company

Leveraging the power of Cloud technologies; helping you work and collaborate better…

At ZEST I/O, we position ourselves at the forefront of Cloud based business software – ERP, MRP, CRM and more.

We primarily work with Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), whether they manufacture products or offer services.

With a laser focus on our SME customers and markets they operate in, we strive to help them implement the best fit software solution based on their business processes, requirements and priorities.

With a continual focus on emerging Cloud software and detailed knowledge of business processes and operations, ZEST I/O is uniquely positioned to become a leading provider of Cloud software solutions and associated consultancy services for SMEs.


Real-time snapshot view of your business in ZEST Cloudsuite…

Preparing business KPI’s and reporting can be a lengthy and time consuming process. You can consolidate your data in ZEST Cloudsuite – our ERP – MRP – CRM software – with an easy-to-use dashboard!

Management time is a cost. You can reduce time wasted in your business, summarise and review business-wide data and have access to real-time performance and information.

ZEST Cloudsuite allows you to know exactly what is going on in real-time, saving hours of meetings and chasing people for lengthy reports and updates, etc.

A birds-eye view of your business at the touch of a button, it’s that simple.

ZEST I-O Cloud Software Giving you a live snapshot of your business
ZEST I-O Cloud Software & Consultancy Services

Helping you remove information silos and standalone systems…

ZEST Cloudsuite can help you overcome a variety of problems and challenges such as:

  • Multiple standalone spreadsheets that do not talk to each other
  • Outdated legacy systems that have become cumbersome and dysfunctional over the years
  • Key members of staff holding key information in their heads
  • Business transactions in disparate standalone systems
  • High levels of paperwork leading to duplication, unnecessary manual processing, errors, loss of time, etc.
  • Struggling to deliver on time in full
  • Struggling to analyse costs and performance on a real-time basis.

Helping you grow and thrive…

With a focus on agility and customer centric delivery, our software solutions can provide anywhere anytime anydevice access to your colleagues and partners you work with.

We operate an extremely flexible, affordable and scalable monthly user subscription model for our SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprise) customers.

We believe in creating a long-term parnerhsip with our customers and every little helps towards facilitating and enabling your digital transformation and growth.

Whether you need CRM software, project management software, MRP software for manufacturing or fully integrated ERP software, ZEST I/O got IT covered!

Teamwork modular cloud software CRM Process
ZEST I-O ERP MRP CRM Software Engineering Manufacturing Project SMEs

Modular business software in the Cloud…

ZEST Cloudsuite is a modular business software that runs in the Cloud and runs on a Web browser.

Modules include email marketing, contacts, customer relationship management (CRM), sales, project management, manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, invoicing and more.

It is modern, intuitive and simple. Select and implement modules as you grow!


Select and implement modules as you go…

You can select and implement only the modules you need and pay monthly for what you implement.

You can start with CRM module for managing your contacts, leads, opportunities and quotations. As your business grows, you can add purchasing, inventory, projects or any other modules so that you can scale up as you go!

As the software platform is integrated, your system will work seamlessly without any back end problems.

No need for separate software applications, ZEST I/O got IT covered!

ZEST I-O Streamlined Projects & Service Operations
Subscription based cloud software for small business

Subscription based pricing – making your investment flexible and affordable…

Traditional on-premise ERP / MRP software solutions cost significantly more upfront and consume considerable time and effort during their implementation.

At ZEST I/O, we would like to ensure flexible and affordable upfront costs for your business so we operate a subscription model. So, you can access all the modules you subscribed for – as long as you are up to date with your monthly payments.

You only need to budget for our on-boarding and implementation services followed by monthly subscription bills.


Quick return on investment (ROI)…

ZEST Cloudsuite offers you all modules your company needs in the Cloud, from CRM to accounting. In return for flexible and affordable payments, it offers you a more cost effective and scalable solution.

Instead of using multiple standalone systems and applications for activity and progress tracking in different departments, you can consolidate and bring together all your teams and streamline your business processes.

You can follow simple and structured process flows in our software and communicate to all your teams at the same time within an integrated system – delivering quality, cost and time benefits.

CRM to Invoicing Cloud Software
ZEST I/O ERP MRP CRM Software Integrated Departments

Work together, effectively and seamlessly…

Can you find all the documents, drawings, files, etc. related to customer enquiry? Which enquiry / opportunity do you need to follow up? Do you need help from another colleague?

Can you see all previous sales orders, manufacturing orders, sales invoices, etc. in your customer record? When did you receive the last sales order from a customer? What price did you charge them before?

What do you need to purchase today and from which suppliers? What was the last purchase price for a material or component?

ZEST I/O can help you.


ZEST Cloudsuite will grow as you grow…

ZEST Cloudsuite offers a flexible architecture for developing and deploying bespoke modules – making it a future proof and scalable software solution and ‘value for money’ investment for our customers.

In the fast moving ‘digital age’ that we are in,  closer, faster and accurate communications with the customers and providing a responsive customer service with the right information and feedback are mission critical components of creating value and ensuring customer satisfaction.

We feel confident that ZEST Cloudsuite is an ideal business software that can help you deliver what you promise to your customers and what your customers expect, on-time, every time!

Cloud software for small business growth

Customer Testimonials

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Abfad Logo

Abfad Limited are working together with ZEST I/O Limited to develop a tailored Cloud based software for managing our projects and site operations end-to-end and licensing of patented technology to suppliers and companies overseas.

Abfad are excited to be working with ZEST I/O due to their experience in this field and believe once this Cloud based software is complete, it will propel Abfad to a new level of operation, reduce our carbon footprint and be a leader within our industry.

Chris Haritou, Abfad Limited
PIL Logo

After assessing numerous business management software packages, Pipeline Innovations have chosen ZEST Cloudsuite to support the continued expansion of our business.

We found that many existing systems were overly complex for smaller companies such as ours and the burden of using the software would have outweighed the benefits.

ZEST Cloudsuite has a clear and intuitive workflow and critically comes with a very comprehensive training and support package.

Dave Grant - Senior Electronics Engineer, Pipeline Innovations Limited

George sees himself as a novice when it comes to Information Technology and business software. So, unconsciously, he spent a lot of money and time as a result of purchasing multiple systems and separate implementation services from different vendors.

Now, ZEST Cloudsuite manages all his business processes from enquiry to invoice in a single Cloud based system, providing process integration, ease of use and efficiency his business needed.

MD George

Instead of having multiple stand-alone systems from different software vendors, Martin implemented ZEST Cloudsuite.

ZEST Cloudsuite comes with all the modules Martin’s business needed delivering digital transformation he needs from initial enquiry to invoicing with flexible and palatable monthly subscriptions.

Now, Martin needs to deal with only one support team to support his business processes.

Martin – MD Designate

Using ZEST Cloud software, all Julia needs is Internet connection on her tablet.

She can remotely access all financial reports on her personalised dashboard, authorise purchase orders and sales invoices, monitor her team’s KPIs and collaborate with her colleagues.

She can work in a flexible way and also fulfill her family commitments and priorities.

Julia - CFO
Rafal Chochorowski - ERP Consultant

I have to admit I am really impressed by ZEST Cloudsuite. Most of the ERP systems that I have seen so far were rather unintuitive and they did not speed up the work at all for small to medium sized companies.

They rather require additional effort to reflect and comprehend even the basic activities in the system.

So I have to say that it is ZEST Cloudsuite’s big strength – the software is perfect fit for SMEs and functionality goes hand in hand with intuitiveness and comprehensiveness.

Rafał Chochorowski - ERP Consultant, Accenture
Mellish Engineering Logo

Zeynel from ZEST I/O was a coach and a mentor and became a very big cog in implementing our new CRM, MRP and ERP system at Mellish Engineering.

I could not recommend ZEST I/O enough and they would help any company implement the IT solution to any problem with zest and best practice approach with interactive workshops and implementation strategies.

Paul Roberts - Operations Director, Mellish Engineering
Mellish Engineering Logo

I would highly recommend ZEST I/O if you’re looking to take your business to the next level. Their approach focuses on digital transformation, business process improvements & increasing overall productivity.

Zeynel from ZEST I/O assisted us with ERP implementation at Mellish Engineering and I found his people orientated style very flexible & helpful. His personality & sense of humour kept the attention of the groups whilst remaining the ultimate professional.

Mike Sudlow - Commercial Manager, Mellish Engineering
Paul Butler - NEAA

We are delighted to have ZEST/IO as a member of the NEAA. As a membership organisation supporting companies in the automotive supply chain, we recognise that this can include companies of all sizes and capabilities.

ZEST I/O brings a fresh outlook to the supply chain. They specialise in cloud-based system implementation across manufacturing, which is very relevant to the automotive sector, especially as we embrace digital transformation as part of today’s new norm.

Give Your Business Zest