With ZEST I/O Cloud software, Abfad Limited are now more streamlined in their daily site operations and project delivery

ZEST I-O Cloud software customer ABFAD

Abfad Limited have been working together with ZEST I/O to develop a tailored Cloud based software application for managing their projects, site operations and licensing of patented technology to companies overseas via a Cloud portal.

The whole software development and deployment project has been exciting and mutually rewarding. Abfad Limited have kindly shared their experience of working with ZEST I/O.

What were things like before using ZEST I/O Cloud software and what were your pain points?

Everything before was paper based and getting paperwork completed on site was definitely a pain point for us.

For all site work we had to produce and supply work packs full of documentation for site management to manage the project; if the work was extended beyond the time estimated site personnel could run out of daily forms to complete, which meant they had to be sent additional documents by post.

It’s a lot more work to produce a site pack for office staff with reams of paper and printing cartridges used. By converting to an Internet based Cloud software, we are able to upload whatever documents site management require, and daily reports are completed online by creating the next report by the software online and saving to portal once filled in.

Please tell us what happened next? What was the process?

We had a series of video calls for discussing our requirements, business process flows and testing at different stages.

The process steps, user interface and user profiles were tailored according to our job roles and responsibilities of the team members working on sites.

Tweaking parts of the system was done quickly and efficiently.

Looking back now, how have ZEST I/O Cloud software helped you or improved things?

They’ve made getting site operations and related paperwork completed easier and also being able to upload particular documents for each project is a very good feature.

With an Internet based Cloud system daily worksheets must be completed daily therefore managers make more effort to fill in their daily reports rather than leaving them to catch up on when they return from site which is not operating to company procedures. Therefore, the portal acts as a compelling force to make the checks and complete the documents, which conform to company processes and procedures.

Some jobs have to be put together very quickly for clients and that includes the documentations. With COVID-19, this makes the whole process less workable as employees working from home cannot go to our office to print out documentation. However with ZEST I/O, we are able to create the safety documentation and upload all site documents to the Internet-based software while project staff are traveling to site.

If the client wants to review documents they can be sent by email or they can review via our internet portal making it a smoother operation, less waste, and more production. This has made the company more efficient and expending less finance to operate.

Our company’s carbon footprint is reduced as we are not wasting reams of paper and use of ink cartridges.

Abfad Ltd are now more streamlined in our daily operations and in turn we are up-skilling our workforce and management in new technology. ZEST I/O continues to improve our systems and process operations, as we progress and are looking at other ways this software could assist the company for future expansion.

If you were speaking to someone considering ZEST I/O Cloud software, but maybe a little bit unsure, what would you say to them?

We would definitely advise meeting with Zeynel and go from there. He explains things very well and is always available at the end of the phone if you need to discuss anything. We are still very much in the testing phase, but we can definitely see the benefits.

We would encourage any company to turn to ZEST I/O Cloud software to manage their company as this means all operations can be performed remotely anywhere in the world. Employees can work from home or anywhere they are located without interruption to the company or work tasks and daily duties.

ZEST I/O Cloud software also provides real value for money unlike many other software providers. The technology is as good as we have seen and when we show clients they are very impressed and mention that their own systems, which cost a lot more, are not as good as our system.

By converting to a Cloud based software for day-to-day monitoring and measurement control of the company it greatly reduces the need for paper or printers. This reduces the need for using electric power supplies within the company, eliminates the cost for paper and ink cartridges and the energy for the supply chain to provide these items from global resources therefore the overall impact to the World is reduced, an important consideration for us. If all companies embraced this route the change would be dramatic and maybe reduce or stop deforestation globally.

Please click on this link if you would like to find out more about Abfad and its operations: https://www.abfad.co.uk/

If you want to discover how ZEST I/O can help your business, please get in touch with our team. We will be delighted to discuss how digital transformation can propel your business!