When it comes to digital transformation, are you an eagle, a caterpillar or an ostrich?

Eagle Ostrich Caterpillar & Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is driven by a shared vision for continuous improvement in business processes and how a company operates. It is ultimately about serving your customers better with innovative and appropriate Information Technology tools, which facilitates streamlined, connected and improved processes with real-time information and analysis. And that requires you to soar into the cloud.

What is your business avatar from the animal kingdom?

Sometimes, best lessons, attributes and examples come from nature. Agility, stamina, dexterity, strength, survival instincts, etc. These are the attributes that make the animal kingdom thrive with zest.

Your business is no different as its DNA and attributes are key to keeping your business intact, the spirit of your team high and the relationships with your suppliers and customers sound and cordial.

To make the most of your business journey a culture that merges digital transformation to continuous improvement and evolution is paramount. Business is ultimately about serving people or specifically the customer with better, faster and cheaper products and services.

Are you an eagle?

Laser focused and unchallenged, an eagle make no pretense. Yet there are stages in life and a baby eagle still needs the attention and care of its mother. It can only become a true flyer when its are fully fledged, it has the right training and has its vision properly focused.

As an Eagle, you know exactly what you want from a software solution but want help to focus it towards your vision and hone it to match your strategic targets. To be an adult eagle takes patience, discipline and knowledge.

As an eagle with the right ‘digital wings’, you will store and slice through massive clouds of data with ease that will bring you to clear insight, analysis and open stunning horizons.

Or are you a caterpillar?

With its beautiful and elegant slow motion, the caterpillar teaches us to take our time to spin our cocoons. Nature does not rush and the cultural change at your enterprise needn’t be hurried either.

Like the caterpillar, you are unaware of the rich rewards that await you once your cocoon bursts. You’ve heard of cloud based software but need a silky software solution and want it well spun – deployed so your first flaps into cloud is gentle and your supply chain spreads nectar.

Yes, the caterpillar has no helping hand in carrying out nature’s plans for its transformation. But it does need to chew on the right leaves!

Or an ostrich?

Flying may seem as the ultimate advantage but top speed on land is beneficial. Incapable of flying, the ostrich has the greatest land velocity and stamina in the bird kingdom.

You have started your business with sturdy and robust legs that have kicked up a tonnes of data dust and your strategic thinking is now buried in your own sandy spreadsheets and paper documents.

We know it’s suffocating down there and can dig you out quickly with the right earth moving modules to excavate any precious mental metals and leave behind the debris, maybe we will use a caterpillar truck or two!

What ever stage you are in your digital transformation journey, you can count on our expertise, listening skills, tailored response and agile software.

Modular, Agile, Simple, Tailored! These are the attributes that we hope to propel your business into the digital transformation era and launch it into the Cloud where you can thrive with ZEST I/O.

If you want to discover how ZEST I/O can help your business, please get in touch with our team.