When it comes to digital transformation, are you a cheetah, a zebra or a frog?

Cheetah Zebra Frog & Digital Transformation with ERP Software

The mantra of business in the age of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and digital transformation is to work smart(er) with the aid of digital tools and applications. Working smart(er) conjures up images of a company that has its process finely tuned like a maestro’s orchestra and all the instruments.

But while there is little that can stop the symphony from being well played and the effect of an out of tune note can be covered up by in the flow of a harmonious orchestra, you have to deal with the unknown; everything from tomorrow’s climate to new trade opportunities or ever-changing customer needs.

Are you a cheetah?

Your business is fast to react to the latest challenges and technological advance swiftly; you can launch a marketing campaign in minutes and can cushion the effect a sudden recall of products. But where does all the lessons and insight gained from your occasional burst of entrepreneurial energy and innovation end?

Like a Cheetah, you may be using a lot of energy on a sprint and then lose your game and have to take a long rest!

A Cheetah’s agility is in its spine and a muscular tail that balances its weight during sharp turns.

A business can achieve this flexibility, balance and coordination with an agile ERP software.

ERP software can provide your business with a software spine for all your departments and branches to tap into and a way to balance your operations, so you achieve a lean and adaptive response to today’s rapidly changing business terrain.

Are you a zebra?

Your business has the stamina to evade hungry and vicious predators, outwit competitors and withstand recessions and unforeseen challenges that crop up. Your KPI’s are figured out in black and white but you are stuck with a pattern because your spread-sheets don’t give you insight to help with those hard daily decisions, which do not have beautifully binary answers. Revenue minus expenses plus tax equals profit, repeat. You know the drill. Want to drill deeper?

ERP software gives your enterprise the business intelligence that makes your decisions more holistic and creative. A Zebra always seeks fresh pasture and can endure tens of kilometers of daily trek. With the right ERP solution and company culture, your business will always be headed in the right direction with customers, who are confident in your stamina and commitment to their changing needs.

Or are you a frog?

You have made many bold hops as you execute your business strategy; your organisation has become perfectly amphibious. You and your team hop from one lake of legacy information to another, drinking data like a frog drinks water through its permeable skin.

But with several spread-sheets and paper lilies, you have no way of knowing many leaps lead to the princess! And stay in one lake of data for too long and you won’t know when you’re beginning to boil!

ERP software makes your trajectories well targeted and defined by creating a single cool calm pond of digital truth that can be as wide as the Ocean.

Working smart takes on a different meaning when not all variables are assured to be constant. The right ERP software makes the worker smarter in any business environment you operate in. Find out your business anima. Nature loves to play. We would love to collaborate!

What ever stage you are in your digital transformation journey, you can count on our expertise, listening skills, tailored response and agile software.

Modular, Agile, Simple, Tailored! These are the attributes that we hope to propel your business into the digital transformation era and launch it into the Cloud where you can thrive with ZEST I/O.

If you want to discover how ERP software and ZEST I/O can help your business on its digital transformation, please get in touch with our team.