Demystifying IT enabled digital transformation…

ZEST I-O for Digital Transformation

Essential to modern day living, Information Technology (IT) has taken a central role within our personal and business endeavours. We can produce, distribute and consume abundant amounts of information instantly detailing our social and business interests.

People from all walks of life have both embraced and adapted with current technology as each new process revolutionises our choices, interactions and skills.

Consequently, this makes understanding various technological processes vital for the world of business. However, there is a vast number of companies failing to put enough emphasis on IT Enabled Digital Transformation within their own industry.

In this infinite digital age, we must all ask ourselves:

  • Are our existing software application(s) fit for purpose?
  • Can we run our business efficiently on an accounting back office application?
  • Do / can we continue on single function disconnected spreadsheets?
  • Are our existing IT assets fit for purpose or aligned to our company’s future ambitions?
  • Can we successfully beat our competitors by not investing in the latest Information Technology?
  • Do we fully understand the positive full impact that Digital Transformation can have on process automation, business efficiency and customer satisfaction?

Digital Transformation is a continuous journey in improvement from an Information Technology perspective – focusing on digitising, automating and streamlining business processes through appropriate and innovative Information Technology and software applications.

Although, it is much more than the technology itself, it is a cross functional and strategic change across the whole operation.

Driven by an ethos of continuous improvement (known as Kaizen in Japanese culture) Digital Transformation is constantly in pursuit of excellence within a company. Allowing the business and its processes to become more efficient, effective and fundamentally competitive. Especially in a globalised business environment where competition is increasingly potent.

Many companies have already incorporated the latest Information Technology into their business and has been proactively adopted by their workforce in order to manage their business processes and transactions proficiently.

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