ZEST I/O streamlines the North East Automotive Alliance’s business processes and supports its digital transformation

NEAA digital transformation with ZEST Cloudsuite

ZEST I/O’s modular business software ZEST Cloudsuite helps to streamline the NEAA’s business process systems and bring control in-house.

Background to the project

ZEST I/O provides modular, agile, simple and tailored software for product-oriented and project-oriented small to medium sized businesses. The software solutions they offer help their customers digitise, automate and streamline their business processes – facilitating and enabling digital transformation.

As the NEAA grew, like most organisations, they faced increasing resource constraints. The NEAA needed to streamline business operations, improve insight and increase value added activities. This was when the engagement with ZEST I/O began.

Approach and solution

The whole NEAA team embarked on a digital transformation journey with ZEST I/O. Several process review workshops were held to facilitate interactive team discussions and review business processes. The review process provided valuable insight into the business, the challenges they faced and the opportunities for improvement.

This approach gave the NEAA team the opportunity to look at their business processes and how they do things with a new perspective.

Following the process review stage, business and digital priorities were identified and the ZEST I/O team provided a configured and tailored software solution according to NEAA’s requirements.

The NEAA have now implemented CRM, accounts, projects, time-sheet and expense modules from ZEST I/O’s Cloudsuite – a modular software suite ideal for small to medium sized businesses. The sales and accounting modules have also been tailored to facilitate NEAA’s membership-oriented business processes.

Outcome and advantage

ZEST Cloudsuite streamlined the NEAA’s business process systems into one modular software platform to eliminate non-value added activities.

As a result, NEAA brought the NEAA’s accounting function in-house to enable better management and financial planning.

Paul Butler – CEO of the NEAA said: “ZEST I/O brings a fresh outlook to the concept of digital transformation and software. We adopted and embraced the ZEST Cloudsuite as part of own digital transformation and continuous improvement journey.”

Laura Gage – Marketing & PR Manager of the NEAA said: “ZEST Cloudsuite has enabled us to streamline some of our business processes and bring better control in-house. We are now able to manage, track and record membership activity and interactions better than in the past.”

Zeynel Badak – MD of ZEST I/O said: “Our software applications and consultancy services will help the NEAA deliver efficiency and productivity benefits in their service delivery to their members, stakeholders and wider business community.”

Please get in touch with our team and find out how you can streamline your business processes with ZEST Cloudsuite. We will be delighted to discuss we can enable and facilate your digital transformation!

You can find out more about the NEAA and its operations at: Home – North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA)