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Customer Journey CRM Sales Management

While traditional sales and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) processes are based on providing product or service to customers in need at the point of sale, different success factors such as changing customer demographics and behaviours, head-to-head intense competition with competitors, etc. have been added to the sales and CRM processes.

Also, let us not forget relentless and continuous innovation in information technology, changing competitive conditions, increasing quality and service expectations and standards from customers.

In this new and ever-changing marketplace, companies need to take CRM and sales processes, service and products to the customers or to the closest point to the customers.

Reaching potential customers and managing your relationships with your customers is similar to going on a never-ending journey with a view to providing them with a fit for product and excellent customer service that they can not find anywhere else or your company can provide – better, faster and cheaper – than your competitors.

This will ensure growth in sales, continuity of quality and excellent customer service and trust in your brand.

In this journey that you embark on, determining how you will navigate based on your customers’ needs, demands and strategies, will help you plan the whole process, keep it under control and achieve success.

What is your customer journey?

The customer journey for your business should be mapped and communicated within your company in order to visually depict how to manage existing customers and reach potential customers served by your company.

This customer journey, when it is mapped, should describe the services and products you will offer to your customers, how to reach the commercial goals of sales and even what kind of processes and road map your customers will follow in the after-sales processes.

This road map, which will be created with input from your teams and departments, should consist of customer-oriented stages and steps that add value to your processes and brand, in accordance with your company’s strategy and structure.

In order for your company to see and plan ahead, the first thing you need to do is to set goals, objectives and targets according to your vision and business strategy. What needs to be done next is to identify the goals, objectives and targets of your customers and align yours to theirs accordingly.

Identifying potential customers and attracting their attention with marketing, social engagement, continuous relevant communication, etc., might involve numerous touches, touch points and steps. The most important thing is listening to the customers and then listen to the customers again in order to understand and confirm their pains, problems, needs, challenges and expectations.

After listening to the customers and confirming their pains and problems, let them discover situations that can occur at points where and when these problems are not resolved and how these can impact their business. These impacts could be commercial, logistical, financial, etc.

At this point, you should be in a position to clarify and confirm what kind of benefit – quality, price, speed – the service, product or solution you will be able to offer them.

While you engage and liaise with your customers, listen to them and their business challenges, whatever the subject is, let ZEST Cloudsuite – our Cloud based business software – get the job done for you with a few clicks.

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